Marcelo Kimura (Guitar&Vocal)

Marcelo Kimura, Guitarist and Composer.
Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1979, Marcelo was raised in a family of musicians and started playing guitar while still a small boy.
Through natural talent and determination he went on to study classical guitar at the Conservatorio Musical e Dramatico Dr. Carlos Campos in Tatui, Sao Paulo. Studying here at the largest drama and music school in Latin America he was able to broaden his atristic spectrum and even study under greats such Marcos Del Hommo and Pacheco.
Having been exposed to such a vast musical range, Marcelo naturually became a saught after musician and vocalist in Brazil.
This would also lead to him developing his own musical style that greatly influences his love of Brazilian Music.
In 2004 Marcelo was blessed with the opportunity to come to Tokyo, Japan where he was instantly welcomed and successful as a profesional Brazilian musician.
In January 2009, he formed the samba instrumental band " Unit MISO BANANA", and in January 2010 they released Album "Uirapuru" to critical acclaim.
As a gifted composser and musician he constantly works with domestic ans well as international artists playing, arranging, and composing Brazilian music.
In October 2013, he released the solo album " Morro Do Urbana" at Motion Blue Yokohama, one of Japan's premieres music venues.
In June 2014, he released ''Marcelo Kimura CD release LIVE" at the Nagoya Blue Note live house with great success.
Currently based in Tokyo he is the number one saught after Brazilian artist/guitarist/vocalist in Japan.

Kiichiro Komobuchi (Bass)

Kiichiro Komobuchi is an electric and double bass player, He was born in Tokyo and spent his childhood in HongKong.
Having Grown in the family of music lovers, he started playing the electric bass when he was fifteen.
In 1997, he performed for the big event of the 40th anniversary of Bossa Nova in japan, "Gets Bossa Nova".
Having played with Roberto Menescal, Carlos Lyla, Ivan Lins, Joyce. He works in the field of Brazilian music, but also plays with various domestic and international musicians of jazz, R&B, latin, flamenco, pop. Sadao Watanabe, Kouji Tamaki, Machiko Watanabe, Lisa Ono etc....

Satoshi Ishikawa (Drums)

1967年、東京出身。 ブラスバンドでパーカッションを演奏していた兄の影響で 9歳の頃から小学校の音楽部で小太鼓を叩き始める。 中学の頃から地元のロックバンドでドラムを叩き始め、 高校時代はファンク、ソウル、フュージョン、ハードロック等にいそしむ。 大学在学中にラテン音楽に目覚め、その中でも特にブラジル音楽に傾倒。 サンバ、ボサノヴァをはじめ、ブラジルのあらゆる地方のリズム、奏法、 アンサンブルスタイルをマスター。 この頃よりプロとしての演奏活動を開始する。 また、ジャズやシャンソン、カンツォーネ。 ケルト、インド、アフリカ等のルーツミュージック。 ペルー、ボリビア、キューバ、トリニダード・トバゴなどの中南米音楽。 中国、韓国、インドネシアなどのアジア圏の音楽にも精通。 あらゆるジャンルのレコーディング、セッション及び コンサートツアーのサポートミュージシャンとして多忙を極めている。