ラテンアメリカ最大の演劇・音楽学校「Conservatorio Musical e Dramatico Dr. Carlos Campos – Tatui – SP」 にてクラシックギターを学び、Ary Piasarolloよりジャズギターを師事。
個人レッスンやライブハウス・ラジオ・テレビ局などでも演奏を行い、その後ショー ロ・サンバ・ボサノバは勿論、ロックやジャズも同等にこなし、それらをクロスオーバーさせた独自のサウンドスタイルを展開。
2009年1月にインストゥルメンタル・サンバジャズ・ユニットMISO BANANAを結成し、2010年1月に「Uirapuru」リリース。
名古屋にMúsica&Bar Marcelo(ムジカ&バー マルセロ)をオープンさせ国内外の有名アーティスト(小野リサ、パウラ、リマなど)との素晴らしいセッションやサウンドをお届けするとともに、若手の活動の場を与え育成にも力を入れる。
2013年10月には、ソロ名義初となるアルバム「Morro Do Urbana」をモーションブルー横浜でリリースLIVE。

Daniel Baeder

Daniel Baeder is an internationally recognized drummer, composer and arranger who has accomplished a high number of music achievements.  His artistically-infused home city of Sao Paulo, Brazil made an impact on him at a young age, and by four years old, he began his journey into the world of music through a variety of instruments. His passion allows him to explore a variety of musical genres, while always leaving his own imprint of style in each of his pieces.  Daniel has studied under many internationally renowned musicians. His work has earned him recognition from some of the most-respected industry publications such as Modern Drummer, Cover Batera, Bateria Total among others. In 2006, the culmination of his hard work and talent earned him a distribution deal with Mar Creation for USA, Europe and Japan.
Daniel has recorded many independent albums as a producer and arranger, released a solo CD entitled 'Abranda Raiva/Daniel Baeder' in 2006, performed in premier venues. His abilities have given him the opportunity to join Cirque du Soleil touring all over the world as a drummer and bandleader for 8 years. Daniel is about to release two solo albums; one in Brazilian instrumental music, and other in electronic style. Stay tuned!