Brisa do Brasil (Vocal&Guitar)

Brazilian acoustic duo formed in 2007.
Pepe Ito is a remarkable guitarist and vocalist, as a supporting guitarist in various music scenes.
Naomi Samejima is a singer of Brazilian music who fascinates the audience with her transparent and emotional voice. This year is the unit's 11 years anniversary.

While their music is based on bossa nova, samba, and Brazil popular music (MPB), the sound jumps over the genre and has a unique worldview that makes a breeze feel.
They are performing in and around the Fukuoka, Japan.

The first album "Brisa do Brasil" was released in November 2010

The second album "Indigo Mundo" was released in August 2016

New album is finally released in September 2018 by welcoming a jazz bassist Mr. Neil Swainson living in Toronto as a guest!
Brisa do Brazil means "Breeze of Brazil" in Portuguese.