Hayassen of Totalize

Started skateboarding at a young age, and grew up to be a top skater who's been awarded with countless trophies, including 2 time champion as a Artist of the Year at Japan Skateboard Awards. His accomplishment goes beyond awards, and also recognized as a legend in several skate spots.

Music had been another passion of his, and the skills as a reggae DJ was quickly acknowledged by many DJs and artists around the globe, which lead him to front act in their sound sets.
In 2016, he was invited to the largest reggae festival in Korea, where his roots originates, and participated as a special guest Selector.

Not limiting only in the reggae scenes, but the originality and his creativity of choices of music sets no boundary in receiving positive assessments and respect from DJs of all genre.

The ambition still generates the motivation of greatness, and the skill set is constantly evolving to another level.

'Pay forward by Vinyl,' as the wording states, concepts the style and the belief of Totalize, and to pay back and to show great appreciation to everyone who has been supported the group until the present, through mix CDs and in club events.

Also, with the support of Country Act, we have achieved to create the best sound system in Japan.